About me x


I’ll start at the beginning. Quite simply I LOVE food. I was going through my photos and realised over half my photos are of food. After talking to my friends and family, it was suggested I do a blog all about my passion for food, so here I am. This blog will mainly be about home cooking ideas, baking and restaurant reviews.

I love eating out with friends and family, even if it’s just a pit stop for a hot chocolate some where. I love the atmosphere the excitement of eating out. I enjoy cooking too, so it’s nice to eat a new dish out, then try to re-create it at home to suit my family. Our best creation to data is the TGI famous Jack Daniels glaze – way too sweet for me but the family loved it.

Hopefully you enjoy reading all my posts. I would love to hear all your options so please leave comments.

You can contact me on:

Email – sarahjaynesblog@gmail.com

Instagram – sarahjaynesblog

One thought on “About me x

  1. Love the blog Sarah! Such a great idea as you are always eating out! I’ll have to take tips so I know where’s good to eat in the area xx

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