Airport Eating x

I don’t know why we do this, maybe it’s just me though? I’m not even hungry but I feel I need to eat before I get on the plane for a 3 hour journey. I then end up eating food, that I don’t partially want and costs me a small fortune. If you read my last post you will know I went to Cyprus last week. We flew from London Luton, Gatwick and Heathrow are our nearest airports but Luton was miles cheaper! 

We left home about 11.30am and got to Luton just after 1pm. Luckily my mum and dad offered to take us. They weren’t too happy to pay the £2.50 to drop us off. That was a bit of a joke to be fair, they drove in to the drop off area, we jumped out the car said goodbye and we were off. They were in there about 2 minutes!!!! We got checked in and through secruity pretty quickly. We decided to eat in Frankie and Bennys. Not a choice we would normally pick but it is a limited selection in Luton. 

We only waited about 5 minutes for a table, the food was super quick too. They tell you to order and pay for your bill so you can eat then run off to your gate straight away. This was my dilemma, I wanted two starters a main, even though I wasn’t even hungry. Matt was doing the norm and having one starter and one main. I then decided on having three starters. Easy! Normally you can get offers and discounts but they don’t do this or accept them in the airports.

I decided on, bruschetta and the calamari to start. Then as my main, their famous classic garlic pizza bread and then another starter, garlic and cheese mushrooms. Matt were for chicken strips to start and then for a main, the half roast chicken with chips. They messed the order up and bought out all my food at once so I was faced with 4 plates (not really an issue) to eat as my starter. 

The chicken strips – you get three large bits of chicken, looks more like large chicken nuggets rather than strips. You get it with some celery sticks and a spicy tomato sauce to dip. I would rate these 4/5. I would maybe ask for a different dip next time.

Calamari – this came topped with grated cheese which I thought was strange. Not sure if this is the cone thing? I read the menu and in my head I thought they would be a bit spicy from the batter, but they weren’t. My mistake this wasn’t mentioned in the menu. I thought they were okay. You got a good amount. I wouldn’t order again. I think they were too bland. I would rate this dish 3/5.

Bruschetta – this came with 4 slices of ciabatta topped with a small amount of balsamic glaze. The tomatoes and onions were displayed in the middle of the plate and was hard to get the taste of these onto the ciabatta. It was nice, nothing special. I would t rush back to frankie and Bennys for it. I would give it 3/5. I think it needs a bit more of a sauce to mix all the flavours together as it was a bit dry.

Garlic pizza bread – Amazing. 5/5 do I need to say more. I would happily go back and just have one of these to my self. It’s topped with herbs and more of a garlic oil and baked like a pizza. It was crispy on the crusts and soft through to the middle. Just how I like it. Some people would prefer it crispy all the way through though. 

Garlic cheese and mushrooms – another 5/5 for me. I would like this as a main, basically just in a bigger portion. Once agin this came with ciabatta bread. The sauce was lovely to dip the bread into. They used button mushrooms so were easy to eat and pick up, no cutting and messing around, just straight onto the fork. 

Half roast chicken – Matt didn’t enjoy this, maybe he had too much chicken from his starter. He said it was just too plain and boring. He was right, it was just plain and because of that just seemed a bit rubbery. He managed to eat all the chips and I swiped the coleslaw of his plate to eat. We would give this 3/5 just because it was too plain.

We flew with Thomson their and back. They offer a selection of cold and hot food on board. It was a short haul flight so we didn’t get a cooked meal, only the snack selection.

           Matt absolutely loves the afternoon tea set. You get a scone with some cream and jam, and a chocolate tea cake. He had one so I had to have one too. Remember I ate enough food in Frankie and Bennys an hour or so before! Once again not hungry but felt I had to have food. This will be a running theme in my blog. 


It would of been rude not to get a hot chocolate with it too as you save £1 BARGAIN!!

We flew home from Paphos airport. This was CRAZY people were everywhere, not really any where to sit and people just walking around everywhere. We managed to get a corner seat out of the way in the cafe. I went off into duty free to have a nose round. I found a shot glass for my sister as she collects them, sweets for dad, a Cyprus cat mug for mum and some Hugo boss perfume for me. They didn’t wrap the shot glass so the time I got home it had chipped. Dad to the rescue though, he is going to fix it.

We decided to just eat in the cafe, it had a huge selection, baguettes, pizza, burgers, chips, salad and pasta. We ate at the hotel before we left for the airport so once again wasn’t even hungry but felt we had to eat. Matt decided on a plain hamburger and he picked me a huge slice of pizza which was basically the size of my head. 

The food was okay. If we went to the airport agin I would probably eat there. The staff are quick to come round to clean the tables and floors so it was okay to sit in and chill until the gate opens.


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