Busting out my jeans x

I recently applied for a barons diners card and it came through the post while I was away in Cyprus, so since being back I have been excited to try it out. It only costs £1 and on our visit tonight we saved £19! Made my money back and more.This amazing little card gets you an amazing 33% off in a few local pubs to me:

There are a few terms and conditions (like with most things in life).     

I normally go to The Cricketers as this is the nearest one to me. Now I have the card I am sure I will be trying them all! I dragged my sister, Amanda and friend Lacey there tonight to try this out. They didn’t take too much persuading to take advantage of it! We had to vacate our table before 7.30 to meet the criteria of the card and because they had their fortnightly quiz on! All of the tables were reserved for the quiz. I have never seen anything like it. We were so intrigued, we will be booking our own table for the next quiz! I’ll let you know how we get on. Here are the event dates for the Cricketers.

Our hardest decision, was what to have to eat? I wasn’t going to have a starter, but just a sharing platter as my main course. Obviously I got talked into having one. 

       I went for a diet coke, courgette fritters to start and a sharing platter for my main.  

 The courgette fritters are slices of courgette battered, served with a garlic dip. Wow, this is a big portion for a starter. They are freshly cooked so they are soft but then you get the crisp with the batter. I would give them 4/5. Definitely get them again, I am going to attempt to make my own version of these too. After sharing (I offered Amanda one) these, I was basically full up. All 3 platters then appeared at the table. Just to make it clear, the platters we ordered each are to serve 2-4 people. They are good if you don’t know what you want but you want a mixture, basically an English version of tapas all on one plate. You get, some ribs covered in a sticky BBP sauce, some battered onion rings, two potatoes skins, one with cheese and onion, the other cheese and bacon, some chicken goujons and two bits of cheesey garlic ciabatta bread.  

Lacey went for, a diet coke, homemade chicken liver paté to start and the sharing platter for her main. 

Amanda didn’t want a starter so just went for an orange juice and lemonade and then, yes you guessed it, the sharing platter. We then thought that wouldn’t be enough for us 3 girlies so we went for an extra portion of coleslaw and two portions of chips.

 I was definitely busting out my jeans, I would have unbuttoned them, but there is that fear of not being able to do them back up when we leave! Our eyes were defiantly bigger than our bellys on this occasion. Next time I think we share the platter like its intended! We will be going back soon to make the most of the card. Why not if you save 33%! 


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