Family date night x

My sister was out for the evening so me, mum and dad decided to go out for dinner. Poor Amanda missing out! Las Iguanas has only been open for a month or so in Woking, so we decide to head there. We phoned up a few days before to book a table for 3 at 8.30. Boy, good job we did! The place was packed. All the tables outside were occupied and all of the tables inside were being used. There was people hanging around at the bar. The atmosphere was definitely buzzing.

Las Iguanas is a Latino American themed restaurant. They pride themselves on their food being fresh, and they also offer a vegetarian and gluten free menu. Every one of their restaurants across the country is unique which is really cool. Makes you want to step inside every single one! The one in Woking is huge. It makes a good place to head to after work on Friday for cocktails and tapas! I will be asking the girls to come try this next time! If you can get in here before 7pm, they do little tapas dishes 3 for £14 or 5 for £14. This is great if like me, you want to taste everything!

We sat studying the menus for ages. There is such a wide selection of food you wouldn’t normally find in UK restaurants. They also have traditional food like burgers and steak. Me and mum went for the Taco Sharing Tray. This was amazing!! You get to pick 3 fillings, in which we went for mushroom, chicken and lamb. You get 3 bowls of fillings, a bowl of warm salsa and cheese, a bowl of fresh picked onions and spring onions, a pot of sour cream, and some tortillas. This was huge. We could have just eaten that as our main. I would rate this dish 5/5. The fillings are spicy but with a big dollop of sour cream, it cools it right down. Its great you can make the wraps yourself so you can pick exactly what and how much you want of things. 



  Dad went for traditional nachos for his starter. Once again the portion was huge, this could have been a sharing starter between a few of you. It came with all the traditional nacho ingredients, melted cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. I had to have a taste so I could write about it (no other reason of course) and I would rate these 5/5. I wouldn’t change anything about them.

For my main I went for the Calamari’s which is a starter, so I added chips on the side. This was so good. Comparing these to the ones I had in Frankie and Benny’s a few weeks ago was crazy. These would win hands down. No competition. They were crunchy and zesty and very tasty. Another 5/5. I ate all of these, but because of the big starter, I was full up so had to share the chips with dad. The chips come with a creamy aioli dip. 

Mum went for the Calamari’s too but added sweet potatoes fries to hers. I am not a fan of sweet potato. I think it is too sweet to have as a main dish. Maybe I would eat these as more of a after dinner before pudding dish. She also ordered a side of coleslaw.

Dad went for beef (but they bought out chicken) enchilada. The plate was more of a dish! It was a huge wrap sitting on top of rice and refried beans. It looked so good! We were shocked dad went for this as he is a burger and chips kinda guy. He really enjoyed it. 

We were way too stuffed to have pudding but they had loads I wanted. I was half tempted to order one to take away! If I was going to take it away I would have had the Churros, as the table next to us had them when we were seated and they looked so yummy! If I was going to eat in, I would have liked to try the mango sorbet. There is always next time.

They also hand out mini questionnaires to hear your opinion which is great. This means that the company hear their customer feedback, good or bad so they can re-act to it.  



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