Pick Your Own x

I have wanted to go strawberry picking for ages. When I asked Amanda about it, she knew a place to go. We picked a day to go and it was set. 
I had a slight mishap with a slush puppy from aunt Annie’s pretzels before we went. All of the blue and green food colouring turned my lips and teeth blue! So yes all of the photos we took, I have strange coloured lips, it is not a new lipstick I am trying out.


We went to Crockford Bridge farm. It’s attached to a garden centre, and a farm shop. They also have an ice cream kiosk and a children’s play ground. If the sun comes out, it would make a good place to have a picnic. Go get the strawberries and then settle down, add cream and sugar, lovely afternoon!

They had the following to pick from:

  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Blackcurrants
  • Redcurrants
  • Runner beans
  • Spinach
  • French beans
  • Carrots
  • Beetroot
  • Courgettes


You pay at the end, so only pick things you actually want. You can use the punnets and bags they have on site to carry them around. We headed straight for the strawberry fields. There was already quite a lot of people. People had nice full baskets! I thought this would be an easy thing to do. You have to hunt around to find the good ones. We picked isles that there wasn’t too busy with people. I think to get the best ones, you need to get on hands and knees and have a. Good hunt round for them!





We then went to pay for the strawberries. Along the way we noticed the runner beans and courgettes. We got a few runner beans and three courgettes. These would have been good to use when I did the fried courgettes. Maybe I’ll try it again with these!
We paid for all of that and put them back in the car. Headed towards the other field onwards the raspberries. Theses were good to pick. You only had to slightly pull these and if they were ripe they would just pull off the vines. The better ones were at the top of the vine, obviously the children had picked the lower ones.



We then hunted for blackberries. I then regretted wearing a cream blouse. The juice was going every where. Our hands were covered. These were harder to pick too, as you pulled them off, they just squished in our hands. This was a delicate one, and that is not for me. We didn’t get many of these.
Next was rhubarb. We didn’t plan to get this as we didn’t know it was there. We then decided that we could make a summer fruits crumble with everything we picked. I have a blog post coming on Sunday with the details. 
Next stop was the black and Redcurrants. These were really hard to find. Me and Amanda gave up and moved on. Mum got a handful for the crumble. Amanda found the beetroot so we got a few of them and two tiny carrots! Now with all these ingredients, what to make?



We were finished! It was hard work. We headed to the garden centre cafe for a sit down and a drink. The garden centre was huge! They have a fresh food farm shop too. It was amazing in there. I could have been in there hours, looking at everything.

I picked up some strawberry meringues for Matt and some sweets. 
We then walked through the garden centre to the cafe. They have a cafe and a restaurant. Amanda was tempted to get some chips but we all just got s drink. The sun was actually out, so we headed outside. Amanda found out that they are re-doing the restaurant/cafe and making it one big restaurant and children’s play area. 


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