Bills Breakfast x

When you wake up hungry, the worst feeling! So me, Amanda and mum decided to head into Woking. I had to do some changes to rotas at work so thought, we could have breakfast then I pop into work. There are lots to choose from in Woking now. They are having a big restaurant over haul. We decided to go for Bills.


Bills is round the back of the older shopping centre, used to be called Wolsey Place. It’s right next to Las Iguanas, another favourite of mine! It’s got a small seating area outside too. They serve breakfast until 12, and 1pm on Saturday and Sunday’s, so you can have a lie in and head there. We got there just after 10am.


No need to book, there was quite a few tables. It did get busier around 11. Lots of people coming in for tea and coffee. Most of the seats were taken outside when we left too. We all like people watching as we enjoy our food. 

I went for the Bills Breakfast which is £7.95. This includes, two small sausages, two fried eggs, cooked tomatoes, mushrooms and crispy bacon. All of this comes served on top of toast too. You can pay extra for the following:

  • Baked beans £1
  • Black pudding £1.50
  • Potatoes £1.25

I paid extra for the baked beans. You can have a cooked breakfast without beans. The breakfast was presented really neat and tidy. Looked really good. The food was great quality too. The breakfast sits in the toast so it doesn’t look like a lot of food, but you do get a big portion. With all the bread it really fills you up. I wasn’t hungry until dinner time! 


Mum went for eggs benedict, this was £7.35. It was poached eggs served on top of English muffins. You get sliced thin ham and hollandaise sauce with some pumpkin seeds. This too, looked really good. Everything is presented really nicely here. 

Amanda had the Bill’s bread basket. This is £3.95. You get slices of toast, some mini croissants and a chocolate croissant. 

This also comes with butter and an assortment of Bill’s jams. These are also available to buy from their shop inside the restaurant, these are also available online. These are really good bits, if you are making a hamper for someone as a present. 


Me and Amanda ordered breakfast tea. They bought out a huge teapot! We managed to get 6 cups of tea out of it, which was really good. Amanda had 4 of the 6! Mum went for a weak coffee. She also asked for some more hot water to weaken it down, which they were happy to do.



Overall the bill came to £28.77 . I think this was really good. If you live near a Bills restaurant I would highly recommend this. Would be good to enjoy a cooked breakfast, then burn it all off by going shopping! Next time I go, I am going to try the pancakes! 




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