La Casita x

What to do when it’s going to pour with rain all day? EAT!! We headed to Guildford to a Spanish restaurant called La Casita, where they do tapas food. 

They are just off the high street, sneak down the alley by Jack Wills and you will find it on the right. They do a lighter menu for lunch, and three tapas dishes for £10 from a selected menu.


It’s dangerous to order too much here. I could have picked one of everything. The menu looked amazing. It’s a bit like wagamamas, when the dish is cooked it comes out. 

Mum ordered the meat and cheese platter for one, this came out first. This is called Plato de Embutidos and was £7.50 for one person, or £12.00 for two people. You get a selection of Serrano ham,chorizo and salchichon, cheese and olives. We also asked for some breads too. This was £3.25 and comes in a basket, whit olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You get a mixture of breads, some which were like bread sticks which were really crunchy!


I ordered 3 tapas for £10. As I am the greedy one. I got:

  • Croquetas de pollo – this is chicken and ham croquettes
  • Patatas Ali-oli – this is cooked potatoes served with a garlic mayonnaise 
  • Calamares a la Romana – fried squid served with a garlic mayonnaise (yes my favourite)

These were amazing! I would get all three of these again. I was really tempted to get the Spanish omelette but we didn’t want to go too crazy, it was only lunch time. Such good value to get all three dishes for £10. For a table of four, you could get 6 dishes for £20 so that’s only £5 each, it you get to taste everything! Amazing! 


Amanda ordered the chorizo in red wine sauce . This is called Chorizo Al vino and was £5.95. This is a huge portion. It comes in a dish and is sliced. You get so much here. The sauce and favour from the chorizo was amazing. That with the potatoes and garlic mayonnaise was really good. I’m writing this and wanting to go back right now! She also ordered a portion of rice which was £1.95. As this wasn’t enough food! We also ordered a side ordering of cooked vegetables. 


Mum, dad and Amanda are going to Spain in less than a week, so this got them really excited to go. I now am thinking, I might try and make homemade paella! If you don’t see a blog post on that soon. It didn’t go very well! I had to have pudding. I was really full up, but I had to have the churros. It’s like doughnuts but long sticks, and they serve them with warm chocolate. They are amazing. I went over to Almeria in Spain to visit my friend Antonio, with some of my friends. He took us to a place which did churros. They were amazing! He has got me hooked. I think I would jump in a plane just to have them! Well and a quick stop of in Zara! It’s so cheap out there! Anyway I’m getting carried away. The churros were £7. We shared these between the three of us so got the 4 churros. You could also get two for £4. Mum and Amanda went for crema Catalana which is a Spanish version of crème brulee. This was £5. Amanda didn’t like it, mum really enjoyed it though. If you go here, please save room for the churros! They are like the ones from Spain!!



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