The Village Farnborough x

It’s a rare occasion that I get a weekend off from work, so we decided to go for a Calvary on the Sunday. We booked it just in case it was busy. We went to The Village hotel in Farnborough. We have already stayed there for mums birthday last year. 
They have a swimming pool and gym there, so we went a bit earlier to use these facilities. Well I don’t been the gym obviously. I did a few lengths in the swimming pool, spent most my time sat in the jacuzzi spa. It’s £10 for a daily pass. Apparently this is quite reasonable for a gym day pass. We all felt good as we did a bit of swimming before eating lunch.

The restaurant wasn’t too busy, so we would have been okay if we didn’t book. A tip when ordering drinks, ask for no ice. The glasses are small but they fill them up with ice! We were all really thirsty, we think from all our swimming! We asked for a jug of water for the table too. 

The waiter explained how the carvery worked. You can help you self to cold meats and salad to start. They had quite a big selection. They had small dishes with ready made salad in, I picked up a prawn cocktail pot. This was really nice. They are very good at keeping the food toped up, they were constantly bringing out new pots to fill up the displays.

Next course was soup and bread. We all went a bit over board here. The soup was leek and potatoe. This needs to be ordered from the kitchen. The soup was really nice. I added black pepper to mine and it was really good. Our problem was the bread. Without realising we ate quite a lot, which filled us up. Matt must have had at least 6 bits of bread here.

Next was the carvery. You tell the chief what meat you want. We had the choice of, Turkey, gammon or beef. I picked gammon and beef. He then slices it off and puts it on your plate. You can then help your self to the rest. They had a good selection of vegetables and potatoes. You then add the gravy. I picked up, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, cabbage, sausages wrapped in bacon (only normally get these at Christmas), stuffing, Yorkshire pudding and some cauliflower cheese. Then covered it all in gravy. 

Wow we struggled. We all filled up our plates and sat silently trying to eat it all. We were all so full up. Me and Amanda wanted to un-bottom our jeans! We were uncomfortably full up. We still had three courses left though! 

Next up, was help your self to pudding. This came in small pots. They had, lemon cheesecake, chocolate mousse and fruit salad. Mum and Matt went straight for the chocolate option. Amanda had the fruit salad, dad tried the lemon cheesecake. I knew there was a hot pudding option coming up so I was saving myself for that. 

Next was warm apple pie. This was amazing. You have to order this from the waitress, so I asked for just a little bit as I was full up. You could pick what to have with it, cream, ice cream or custard. Of course I went for custard. They then bring out the whole pie to the table and cut you a slice off in front of you. This was really good. Felt like my birthday and they were bringing out a cake for me! 

Last course was the waffles and ice cream station. Matt went up and made him self some waffles, with sprinkles, marshmallows and chocolate sauce, and some ice cream. I couldn’t even move from the chair I was so full up. I think the others also had some ice cream too.

All of this was only £14.95 per person. Then you add your drinks on top of this. I think this is amazing value for money for the food you have. It’s not somewhere you go on a regular basis. Would be good for a celebration or family gathering. I really want to go back here. Plan in a few hours after this meal though. We all come back home and had to have a nap! Some of us in even napped in the car on the way home!




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