Mint sauce x

My favourite takeaway food is Indian. I would like to order little bits of everything. There is an Indian restaurant near me called Indo and they offer a Sunday buffet! It is on my list of restaurants to visit. I’ll keep you updated! I normally order:

  • Popadoms
  • Little pot of onions that comes with the popadoms 
  • Mint sauce 
  • Seekh kebab (starter)
  • Chicken tikka (starter) 
  • Chicken tikka masala
  • Plain rice 

I do share it! I don’t think I could eat all that, well not at once! 
To save a bit of money, me and Matt decided we would make a curry instead of ordering it. It was our first attempt, so we decided to make the mint sauce from scratch and use jars for the rest. 
I love cooking but hate following recipes. I like to add what I want when I think I need it.

Ingredients for the sauce I made:

  • Fresh coriander
  • Natural yogurt
  • Mint sauce 
  • Lemon juice 
  • Caster sugar 


        I was going to add ground turmeric but Matt didn’t want it to go yellow! 

As I was just doing it by taste, I didn’t write down how much I used of each ingredient. 

I put the yoghurt in the bowl. 


Chopped up (used scissors as I am super lazy) the coriander. I only used the leaves.  

 Added them to the yoghurt and mixed them in.  

 Added a tiny bit of mint sauce and mixed.  

We then tasted it and it tasted too much of yoghurt. So I went and added a bit more mint. You need to taste it after every ingredient and adjust for your own personal taste. 

It had the right amount of mint but still had a strong taste of yoghurt, so we added lemon juice. 

Next we boiled a bit of water to melt the sugar and added that. 
After that we made our version of mint sauce. 

We bought ready cooked popadoms to dip in. They were good, but next time I want to fry my own. I cut up the chicken and stuck them in the oven to cook. We boiled the rice and the ready made chicken tikka masala sauce. Once the chicken was cooked, we added that to the sauce and left to cook together while we dished up the rice. I added a little coriander leaf just to be fancy. 

Since doing this, we have made it again! Matt tried using Greek yoghurt instead , he preferred this to the normal yoghurt. We also tried frying our own popadoms. These were easy too. Just put about 5cm of oil in the frying pan. Then fry each popadom, they do come out greasy so we put them on kit hen towel to absorb the oil. You can also place them in the oven for a few minutes to dry them out. Now we have tried them, I wouldn’t buy the packet ones again.




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