Hungry Horse x

I actually have a week off work! I picked October half term as, mum and Amanda would be off too. We didn’t have much planned. We wanted to go away somewhere but Matt was awaiting a date for an operation on his ankle so we wanted to wait around just in case. On our first day off we decided to go and surprise Nan and go out for lunch. Dad and Mum drove to hers, picked her up and bought her to the restaurant. I, Matt and Amanda were sat there waiting to surprise her.

We went to the Hungry Horse in Hounslow which is called The Honeycombe. It’s quite a big pub. It’s just off the main road, not many car parking spaces though. They had loads of tables to choose from, us being us, couldn’t choose. Do we get one by the window, one with a tele, one by the bar, one by the Christmas tree? We decided to sit in a booth, right near the window. This way Amanda could watch and track the planes taking off in Heathrow. If you are in to planes, there is a pretty good app you use to track planes. I am not a total plane geek but love this app. whenever someone is flying on holiday I track them. Recently Matt’s brother Craig and girlfriend Lucy went to Vegas so we tracked them.

We all went for a sharing starter. This is called The Ultimate Big Combo for Two. It is £7.79. Wow this is such a big portion. We had 6 of us tucking in. It was more than enough for us lot, and we are all greedy little piggies. You get crispy battered prawns, onion rings, garlic ciabatta bread, spicy potato wedges, chicken wings with BBQ sauce, chicken goujons, breaded mushrooms, crispy battered jalapenos AND some nachos. This is loads of food! The price is so good considering how much food you get. I did manage to trick Amanda to eat a jalapeno too as I told her it was a prawn. We got a bowl of chips instead of the wedges as they had sold out. This was a great little starter to get us ready for our mains.


The menu here is huge. There is something here for everyone. I was stuck between a few dishes. Me and Matt went for the same thing, once again I didn’t want to get food jealously. We went for the big chicken tikka banquet. This was £7.99. This comes with a dish of chicken tikka masala, pilau rice, chips, onion bhajis, naan bread and poppadoms. It also comes with mango chutney dip and mint sauce dip. Once again, this was a huge plate of food. It’s such a great value. The food was really nice too. It was too much food for me though. I couldn’t eat it all. The onion bhajis were spicy too which was nice. I passed some of these over to Dad. I love chips with my curry which Lacey introduced me too but I also like a bit of rice so this dish is great for that. I would give this dish 9/10. The only thing I didn’t like, was the popadoms, they tasted a bit cardboard like, I was way to full up to eat these anyway.


Amanda went for a dish called Gigantic Gammon. This was £6.99. She got a big piece of gammon, fried egg, grilled pineapple ring, chips, peas, onion rings and a grilled tomato. Another big plate full of food. I was too busy enjoying mine, I forgot to take a photo!

Nan got Jumbo Cod and Chips. This is also £6.99. Once again I forgot to take a photo of this. I can’t believe I was that distracted by my lunch to take photos! She got a huge piece of fish, chips, mushy peas and some tartare sauce and a wedge of lemon. It did look really good.

Mum went for Macaroni Cheese. This was £4.49. It comes in a big dish served with a few slices of garlic ciabatta bread and a side salad. She also got a side of ribs to go with it. These were £3.49 for half a rack of rips smothered in BBQ sauce.


IMG_0766 IMG_0768

Dad went for a burger. This was £4.99. He went for a double burger. The single burger is £3.99. This comes served on a board with a bowl of coleslaw (which mum stole) and a bucket of chips.


As you probably guessed, we didn’t have any room for pudding. It was a good meal and the price was really good. If you fancied going out for lunch and didn’t want to splurge on anything this would be a good place to try out. They have loads all over the country so worth having a look to see where your nearest one is. The staff in the Hounslow one were so friendly. They were all lovely, very chatty and nothing was too much trouble for them.


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