Carluccios Woking x

I finished work early, so Mum and Amanda met me in town. Amanda had to do some last minute shopping for her outfit for Ascot, so they did all of that then met me at 6. We decided have dinner out as a treat as Dad was working away for the night. Amanda picked Carluccios.

Most people we’re sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, all of the tables outside come with red blankets. It looks really cute. We decided to sit inside. The restaurant inside was fairly quiet. Once we were seated Amanda spotted my friends sitting directly opposite us. I tried to catch her eye with out making a big gesture but she didn’t spot me! I didn’t want to interrupt their dinner, you know that awkward feeling knowing you need to say hello but don’t want to bounce over! Josh and Kirch (she has an amazing knitting company- go check it out I hope you had a lovely dinner! 

I had a big lunch so was going to skip a starter but Amanda really wanted to have the chicken pâté, so it’s rude not to have one and leave her eating by her self. 

I had the calamari to start – £5.95. This was yummy. It came with a spicy mayonnaisep which was really nice. I have had a thing for calamari, but next time I go out I will try something different! This was really good. I could have had this as a main with a bit if garlic bread. I would rate this 5/5!
Mum had the bruschettine to start, this was £3.95 and new to their menu. It was four bits of bread, two topped with tomatoes and the other two bits topped with onion jam and goats cheese. Looked really good. This dish was part of their 3 dishes for £10 or one for £3.95. I love deals like this so if you fancied a snack after shopping you can head her and get a little mixture.

Amanda had the chicken liver pâté – £5.95 I think she secretly fancied this since Lacey had it in the Cricketers the other day! Check it out on my blog. You get a few bits of toasted bread, some onion relish and a pot of pâté, all served on a wooden block with Carluccios stamped in the top corner. Looked really nice, she said she would have it again! 

I think in restaurants they should let you order starters and eat them, then order your mains. I get so full up that I can’t eat all of my main. It took ages for me decide I had so many options to pick from:

  • Pasta con funghi – pasta with mushrooms, my favourite things all in one dish £8.25
  • Lobster spaghetti – something I wouldn’t normally pick, but sounded really nice £13.95
  • Spaghetti carbonara – can’t go wrong with that £8.95
  • Tortellini all’emiliana – mum had this last time we went, it’s small pasta parcels filled with prosciutto in a cream sauce £9.95
  • Milanese do pollo – breaded chicken with salad £11.95

Mum was having the same struggle. Amanda was quick to decide she wanted the carbonara. We then spotted you could have a tasting trio, £12 per person. Amanda wanted her own dish so me and mum picked 3 pasta dishes to taste them all.

Wow! You get three big dishes. It was more than enough for us. If we went again you could have 3 people sharing, but we didn’t know if the more people that share it the more you get? This was plenty though for us. We couldn’t finish it all. We went for:

  • Pasta con funghi
  • Spaghetti carbonara 
  • Tortellini all’emiliana 



This was amazing as you got to taste three dishes in one. The carbonara was a bit dry, I prefer more sauce on mine so I would give that 3/5. I don’t think I would pick that again. The mushroom pasta was really nice, a little on the oily side though. I would give that 4/5, and I would get this dish again. The last one, my favourite of all three, the filled pasta parcels. They were in a creamy sauce and they were delicious. 5/5 and I would 100% get this dish again. Mum felt the same, that was her favourite out of all 3.

Amanda enjoyed her carbonara but you get a big portion of pasta, she couldn’t finish it!
I would love to go back here. Maybe on a sunny evening after work again. It’s a really nice restaurant and it would be nice to get a bit dressed up and sit outside and use the blankets when it starts to get chilly. Even looking at the photos again now I am getting hungry and fancy some pasta! I think it is worth booking as sometimes when I walk past it looks pretty busy. It’s near the train station so people might pop here after work. If there is anything on in the theatre it gets packed. They have a bakery section in the restaurant. This looks amazing. If I didn’t eat as ,u h I could of picked one of everything to snack on back at home. They also have a gift shop where you can ingredients to make their dishes, it’s really cute. They also offer picnics to take away, it’s quite pricey a classic picnic for two is £45 which would be £22.50 each. You would be the talk of the picnic if you turned up with this though! You cans get a vegetarian one, a classic one and a kids one. These would be really cute to take to one of those outdoor cinemas in the middle of summer! 


Here I am enjoying my carbonara! No fancy eating here, it’s all about the slirping! My shirt is from Superdry



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