Ice Lollies x

It’s the hottest day of the year today. I am meant to be cooking something to write about. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. I got up anyway and headed to Sainsburys. The only thing I wanted was something cool and refreshing! Ice lollies!


I picked up some ice lolly moulds, these were £3.45 for a pack of 4. I picked up some raspberries and blackberries and some fruit juices. The fruit juices were 3 for £4.
I picked a juicy lemon one, as my favourite lollies are the lemonade ones! A refreshing watermelon, Apple and raspberry, thought this would be delicious frozen. The last one was an orange and raspberry juice drink.
I gave the moulds a quick wash in warm water then left to dry. Cut up a few raspberries and blackberries ready to put in with the juice. If you stand the moulds in glasses it makes it easier to pour the juice straight in.

 I did a few mixtures, some with fruit some plain. I wrote “p” on the lid with all the just juice ones so it is easy to pick out which is which.

Once done keep each juice mould separate in glasses so you know which moulds contain what juice. Then add them to the freezer. Keep them in the glasses in the freezer so people can help them selves and it keeps them upright so you don’t get any spillages. Keep checking on the glasses as you don’t want them to crack and shatter. When you take them out, let the glasses cool down slowly. Once the ice lollies are set you don’t need the glasses any more. I left the ice lollies to set for about 5 hours. The more water based juice the better and faster they set. If I had more mould I could have made loads and been at it all day. I found a coconut water drink which would have been amazing frozen. Once we have eaten all these I will try that! 






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