Cricketers x

Amanda and Lauren wanted to go out for dinner after work, so of course I had to tag along. They wanted to go to the Cricketers so the deal was, if I was allowed to tag along I would bring my barons card so they could get discount. 

We sat down ordered our drinks which was the easy part. I said I wouldn’t order calamari any more and try new things but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Lauren and Amanda kept coming up with suggestions on what to get. They both wanted the sharing starter, but a main, it was all a bit complicated.

I settled for chilli squid rings as a starter. These were part of the bar snacks menu. They were £3.50 and you get a really big portion. For the price of these the portion size is great. These would be a great snack if you weren’t hungry enough for a main. They come in a small bowl and a small bowl of chilli dip. They are squid rings which are then battered. Theses were boiling when they came out! I would give these 4/5. I think there was too much batter on them that it takes the taste away from the squid.  

 As my main I chose to have the kids combo. This comes with:

  • Ribs
  • Chips
  • Chicken goujons
  • Coleslaw 
  • Onion rings
  • And a bit of salad

This was from the kids menu but Amanda recommends it. It’s like the normal sharing starter we get but its a smaller version. This was only £6.95. It’s quite a big plate considering it’s a kid portion. It was a perfect size for me as a main. I would give it 4/5. I think the price is great. The only thing stopping it getting a 5 was the ribs. I think the bbq sauce is added at the end so only goes on the ribs that are on top of the pile. Not really a major issue, but I would prefer all the ribs to have the sauce on.

Amanda and Lauren shared the sharing platter to start. This costs £12.95. This is what me, Amanda and Lacey had last time. They enjoyed it and ate all of it between them.  

Amanda had the grilled gammon steak as her main. This costs £12.95. It comes with egg, chips, mushroom and a tomato. The plate was huge! The bit of gammon was huge too! Amanda said that the gammon was a bit dry so was hard to cut.

Lauren had bubble and squeak. This was £9.95 and you could pay and extra £1.95 to add ham. This isn’t something I would ever pick just looking through the menu. After seeing it though, it looked quite tempting. It’s topped with cheese and comes with fried egg, baked beans and some brown sauce in a cute little pot. 

I think next time I go here I will not have a starter and try some puddings! Using the barons card we saved 33% which was £15 which is so good. Amanda has stolen my card to use again when she goes here with her friends later on this week! 


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