Team June x

We have decided now at work, that every month we will arrange a get together. Some of the ideas put out there were bowling, paint balling, picnic in the park, BBQ, quiz night, dinners out and top golf. We are lucky that we work in Woking, as there is a good selection of things to do. 
So for June, I decided to go to Las Iguanas since I had such a good time there last time. Booked a table a few weeks in advance and we were set to go. We have 13 members of staff, so I booked it for 10. 

Here is a group shot of the people who came: from left to right, Callum, Frankie, Jose, Freddie, me, Becca and Kirch is hiding behind Becca! 

The waiter took our drinks order and told us it’s happy hour on cocktails! Amazing! Most of us had work the next day, or drove, so we went for the non alcoholic cocktails. I had a lemon one and it was so refreshing!!! Becca and Kirch also picked that one. It was £3.40 for two glasses! Frankie and Callum went for a tropical cooler. Freddie and Jose went for a beer instead.

Food – this was a hard decision. I really wanted what I had last time as it was so good but wanted to try something different. I asked everyone what they were having but that still didn’t help me! In the end I went for the taco sharing tray and a side of calamari!

This didn’t let me down. It was as good as I remembered. I didn’t like the beef option though, so next time I would try the chicken. Freddie went for this too but chose to have all the meats as his three options, chicken, lamb and beef. He loved it! The sharing tray is £14.50 and we got 9 wraps. The calamari is £5.70.

Jose went for the tapas style dinner. He had chilli prawns, calamari and mushrooms. He said these were all really good but they all had a kick of spice to them. 

  • The calamari was £5.70
  • The gambas (prawns) was £6.90
  • The classic championes (mushrooms) was £4.90 

Becca and Kirch went for the cheese burger and chips! This looked so good. It came with a portion of coleslaw too. They both enjoyed these! Becca has been before and had the tacos, so she wanted something different this time round. This was called the South American Dream and cost £10.90. They said if they could change one thing, it would be that you get more coleslaw! 


Frankie and Callum went for half chicken and chips with a side bowl of coleslaw. The chicken was cooked in a BBQ spice sauce. Wow, the size of the chicken was huge! Frankie didn’t believe it was only half a chicken! Callum ate all of his. Frankie found a bone half way I through and got put off, so she only ate half the chicken. This was called the blazing bird and cost £10.90 for half a chicken, or £16.90 for a whole chicken. Frankie said the chicken was juicy and had a good kick of flavours to it. Once agai,n she said she would want more coleslaw!

I really wanted pudding ,as I didn’t try it last time but I was so full up! I need to learn to pace myself and always save room for pudding! 

When they bring the bill, they give opinion cards, so Becca filled these all in for us! 

We are in the process of planning Julys team event. We won some vouchers as part of an incentive so it may be based around them. 



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