The anchor x

Picture the scene, it’s a Sunday, I have a day off, the sun is shining. What do I want to do. Go to Kingston with Matt to do his Zara refund? WRONG! He wanted me to go so I went, as he does do a lot of things for me that he doesn’t want to. As a deal he said we could stop off at The Anchor for lunch on the way home. Could hardly turn this offer down! This is such a lovely little pub. It’s sat right on the canal, so you can eat and watch the barge boats go past, or even go feed the ducks. 

We got there just after 12.30 so it was rather busy. As soon as the sun comes out, everyone heads here for a drink or food. There was about 3 tables round the back free, so we grabbed one. You normally have to order inside at the bar so remember your table number! A mistake I have made on more than one occasion. 

Today they were doing table service, I’m guessing, they didn’t want a huge queue waiting around inside. We ordered our drinks and studied the menu. Diet coke for me, and a normal coke for Matt. I really didn’t know what to get, the story of my life. I wish I could get a bit of 5 different dishes! Why don’t restaurants do this! Or do they? 

In the end I went for lamb kebabs which were £4.45. These are on the starter menu, so I ordered a side of chips too to come and for it all to come as a main dish. They didn’t bring the chips so I just shared Matt’s which worked out best, as we seemed to have a lot of food! The kebabs were really good, they are spicy and juicy! You get tzatziki dip which is amazing with them. These would be great in a pitta with red onions and the tzatziki dip! Amazing! 

Matt went for the chicken wings. You can get a small portion which is £5.45 and the large portion which was £8.50. He went for the large portion which is about 12 chicken wings. You can also pick which sauce you want:

  • Spicy
  • Smoky BBQ
  • Sweet chilli  

He got the BBQ ones, which come with a pot of sour cream sauce, some carrots and celery. He was so kind to let me share them. These were good! The BBQ sauce was smoky but sweet so was a great combination. Like Matt said, it take ages to get only a little bit of meat off, but it’s worth it. The meat was cooked lovely and they were really good. 
He also got s portion of chips which come with a side of ketchup. These cost £2.75 and they come in a large pot.

We also went for the sharing bread board. Who doesn’t want bread with their dinner? It’s the law right? This was £4.55. You get 3 types of bread, flatbread, focaccia and sourdough. They come with a pot of butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. When I was eating this, with the sun shining, I could just imagine I was back on holiday! 

The total bill was £25.95. It was a really good meal. If I was going back I think I would get small BBQ wings and the lamb kebabs! Next time it’s sunny I am sure people won’t take much convincing to head back! Maybe I could even convince Matt to go on the boat trips they do just outside the pub!




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