Amanda’s cakes x

My sister loves baking. I prefer cooking, you can just chuck things in a taste it as you go. Baking is all about being precise and accurate, not my thing. She loves it thought and people love her cakes, so she doing something right. She has just made some cupcakes for her best friends birthday. I think they all took them to ascot as part of the picnic which was a good idea. 

These are the ingredients she uses for her cupcakes:

  • Eggs
  • Cater sugar
  • Self raising flour
  • Margarine 

She follows an old Delia Smith recipe for a sponge cake. Next time she makes a cake I will record what she does exactly and do a feature on this, but for now some photo instructions.


Here are some other cakes she has made. She was asked by one of my best friends, to make cakes for her daughters christening. 



Check out my Instagram for a video of the reaction her rainbow cake got at a BBQ we had, with our friends. 


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