Red Lion x

I have booked some time off from work, to use up some holiday days. It just so happened it matches the summer holidays, which means Amanda and Mum are also off. On our first day off we decided to head out for some lunch. The weather was nice, but it was forecast to rain so lunch was a safe bet. 

We wanted to head some where different to normal, but still local. Everyone raves about the food in the Red Lion in Horsell, so we booked a table, and we were sorted. 



 Good job we booked, it was really busy. The bar area was empty but the resturant seemed busy. As time went on the bar area filled up too. When it started to rain, all the brave people outside dashed inside to find spare tables. Good old British weather. They have a huge garden area which would be lovely, in the summer, if the weather ever brightenings up again!

We were seated and order our drinks. I had a diet coke, mum a tap water. We were both asked if we wanted ice and lemon too which was nice. We were then left to study the lunch menu. Wow for a lunch menu there is a lot to choose from. Every minute they left us picking, I kept changing my mind. Mum had to take the menu off me, to stop me changing my choice.

There was also a cocktail menu which looked really good.  It would be a good, date night resturant or a girls night out. I would get the elderflower Hugo spritz! 

In the end I went for the chicken breast. It’s £13.95, I don’t mind paying for good quality food and this was! It’s a chicken breast with gnocchi, baby kale all in a creamy garlic mushroom sauce. It was amazing. Cafe Rouge do a similar dish, served with mash potatoe. If you love chicken and creamy sauce this will be the right thing for you! It was really good. If I was at home, eating this, I probably would have licked the plate clean.

Mum went for a sandwich. Brie and bacon which was £7.50. This comes with either, a side salad, chips or soup. You get three sandwiches too. Great lunch time meal. She said the bacon was really crispy and was really tasty. She was really full up after this too which is good.

The meal come to a total of £23.95, which I think is a good price for a lunch time treat.

I am home now, but already want to go back. Next time I go I am going to have the steak sandwich with chips! My mouth is watering at the thought of this. I did see someone have the fish and chips and that looked really good too!



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