Byron Burger x

I wouldn’t call my self a burger lover, up until this year or so. My friend Gill loves them, and I think this has rubbed off onto me, from our many visits to Five Guys in Guildford. The thought of going to a burger restaurant wouldn’t normally appeal to me, but this place is good. 

Byron burger has only opened recently in Camberly. We have been two or three times since it has opened. It’s always fairly busy in here too. Today we wanted something to do, so we thought lunch and then a game of bowling. 

You order the burger and then you pick what side you want with it. I went for a chesse burger with cheddar. It comes with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and mayonnaise. I also have mine well done. This is £7.95. I also got some French fries which were £2.95 and some onion rings £3.50. The burger is really good, it’s really tasty. I would nearly say one of the best burgers I have had. It comes served with a gerkin.



Matt went for the chicken burger this is £8.95. This comes with lettuce, tomato onion and Byron sauce, Matt being Matt had it plain, bun, chicken bun. This came and looked pretty well done. It was more of a black chargrilled colour. He said it was okay so we didn’t say anything. He also got some chips and onion rings.

Amanda went for just a plain classic burger, like Matt, bun, burger bun. This is £6.75. She also has hers well done. She went for chips and a side dish of coleslaw which is £2.95. The coleslaw is really nice from here. 


Mum went for a section of sides. She had some courgette fries which are £3.50, macaroni cheese which is £3.95 and an iceberg wedge, this is £4.50.

We had enough food to cover the table! The service seemed really slow today. There seemed to only be two people serving and it was fairly busy. We sat waiting for the plates to be cleared for quite a while. I hate this. Once I’ve eaten I want the plates gone, and to be asked if we want the bill. Yes I am very impatient! This wouldn’t stop me going back here. They were obviously just under staffed on this day.

We then went bowling! I’m about average at this. Matt is pretty good. Amanda – where do we start, she is very inconsistent. She got a strike, then the next go, she would get a gutter ball. This happened in both games! It was really frustrating! I was constantly getting an average of 8 pins down a go but she managed to beat me! In the first game I got 98, Amanda got 106 and Matt got 170. Next game I got 101, Amanda got 102 and Matt got 144. I was the only one to improve,  it I still came last. 



We then went off to costa to get a drink and head home. I got a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Amanda got blackberry and raspberry ice drink. Matt got strawberry and cream ice drink. Mum got a frozen mocha with just one shot of coffee. 






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