Catch Up x

I haven’t met up with the River Island girlies for ages! Charlie is moving to Italy in September so we were long over due a catch up. We are all from around Woking originally, Bryony has now moved away to Highywycombe though. We decided to meet up in good old Woking. We arranged to meet in the Sovereign pub. It’s a really nice pub just outside from the main parade of shops and bars. It’s about a 3 minute walk from the train station. 

We went on a Thursday night and they were holding their physic night. They had different ones you could have, a tarrot card or a palm reading. Seemed really good. I’m not really in to this, but all looked really interesting. Me and Bryony kept staring over so the man organising it, bought us over some leaflets. It all gets booked up really quickly so go early to avoid disappointment. 

On to the food, as it’s a pub, you go the bar to order, so remember your table number. As usual I didn’t know what to go for. They had a special set menu for 2 or 3 courses, this was very tempting as it was right before payday!! I decided on getting something from the normal menu. To start with I went for the nachos, this was a hard choice. I knew I loved the nachos in here, but I wanted to try something different. Charlie and Sophie were having nachos and I knew I would be so jealous of it, I had to go with the nachos. These are £3.99 and come with the usual toppings. You can add pulled pork for an extra £1.

For my main I had a chicken leek pie, it came with mash potatoe but I switched this for lattice fries. This was £7.99. The pie was huge too! I think this meal was great value. It comes with a pot of gravy and a selection of vegetables. 

Sophie and Charlie decided to share a portion of the large nachos to start. These are £5.99, they make a great sharing starter! 

For Sophie’s main she went for a burger. These are good in here too. This was £6.99, it comes with all the usual salad and chips and a side of coleslaw. You can also add some cheese for 50p. 

Charlotte had sneaked at the menu before we got there! She had already decided she wanted the hunters chicken. This looked really good. This is £7.79 and is a piece of chicken topped with cheese served in a BBQ sauce. It comes with chips, peas, grilled mushroom and some onion rings. 

Bryony went for something different to start, she had pulled pork and pancetta croquettes. These are £4.79 and you get 3 small round ones. I wasn’t expecting them to be round for some reason. These looked good, I was tempted to try these but had to stick to nachos. 


Like me, Bryony went for the pie for her main. She stuck to the menu and had mash with it. This looked amazing too.


It was lovely meeting up with the girlies. We need to do it again soon. We want to plan a trip out to Italy, to visit Charlie too.


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