Turtle Bay x

Turtle bay opened up in Guildford a while ago but I still haven’t had the chance to try it. I have heard amazing things about it so I was excited to go. A few people said they wouldn’t fancy it, as it was quite hot spicy food. Had to give it a go. 
Me and Matt went on a Friday afternoon about 5.30pm. I didn’t have a lunch break at work so I was hungry! We got stead and we were sat at a high table, which had a chair and a bench. I can’t sit at a table when the chair and table are screwed in. I like to be really close to the table or I spill my food all down me. The bench and table were screwed in so I had to sit in the chair. I’m about 5’4 and my feet couldn’t reach the ledge on the chair, so my legs were dangling for the whole time we sat there. It was so uncomfortable, possibly because I work in a shop so I was on my feet already for 8 hours that day so probably needed a comfy sofa to curl up in. 

We got told we couldn’t order any food or drinks as the system had gone down, so we had to wait around 10 minutes before we could order, this meant I kept changing my mind on what to get. We were finally allowed to order. Started with drinks, Matt got a coke as he was driving. These are £2.35. When they bought the coke over it was flat, it tasted horrible so we had to request a new one. It was buy one cocktail get one free so I had to take advantage of this. I got a raspberry reggae. It was really nice and refreshing. I would get that one again. 

 I ordered chilli squid to start, obviously! These were £4.95. These were really nice. They are not battered but covered in spices. Wow they were spicy. The wedge of lime that comes with them is really nice adds something refreshing. I would rate these 7/10. I do prefer them battered so they have a crisp to them, but these are worth trying. The price is reasonable too. 

Matt got garlic flatbread for his starter. This is £4.95. It’s not so much garlic bread flatbread,but more like spicy flatbread. Matt can normally handle spice, his eyes were watering. He had to order another coke. I was trying not to laugh, poor Matt. He couldn’t eat it all either. I only tasted s little bit and it wasn’t too bad, without calling him a baby, but mine wasn’t too hot. It obviously didn’t have that much spice on it. I would rate this 5/10. This was too spicy for Matt to enjoy, and it didn’t taste of garlic. 

For my main I went for Mo bay chicken. This was amazing. I loved this. This is chicken breast covered in a creamy jerk sauce, with rice or sweet mash potatoe or sweet potatoe fries. This is £9.85. I switched the sweet fries for normal ones, I wanted normal mash but they didn’t do that. I really liked this. The sauce was creamy so held the spice well and wasn’t too spicy, it was just right. The chicken was cooked well too. I would give this 8/10. I prefer the chips to be a bit more crispy or offer mash that would have been amazing.

Matt went for 1/2 chicken and chips. This was £9.95. This was 1/2 chicken cooked in 12 spices and served with Caribbean slaw, rice and peas or fries. Matt went for the fries. He didn’t eat the coleslaw so I ate it for him. It was really nice and had that homemade taste to it with added spice it was good. He didn’t enjoy his meal. He ate it, but he said he wouldn’t have it again. He said it’s just like going to Nandos but Nandos chips are better. This gets rated 5/10.

Overall I would go back here, Matt wouldn’t! My friend Gill wants to go so when she decides to come home from Corfu we can go. Lacey couldn’t come with us, she would hate it! She finds KFC popcorn chicken spicy, she wouldn’t handle the spice here. Overall my experience I would rate it has 7/10. The food was really good but the service lacked as we had to wait to order and the cokes being flat.



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