Italy Day 1 x

Gill (who has an amazing fashion lifestyle blog) was attending a wedding in Sorrento Italy and had a plus one. I jumped at the chance to go spend some time in Italy. I’ve broken the experience up into days to make it easier to read and write. 
So we started off in Gatwick airport, we left at 3am which was a killer but worth it as it meant we got to spend the afternoon in Italy. We dumped off our bags, mine was over but they let me take it all any way. Phew! As it was early we went for breakfast. Gill went to a restaurant called Armadillos when they flew out to Florida so we headed there. We flew from the North terminal so Armadillos is on the upper level and if you go up the stairs and turn right it’s right down the end. I went for a traditional cooked breakfast. It’s called a ranch breakfast which was £8.60. It comes with bacon, sausage, beans, tomatoe fried or scrambled egg and some potatoes. I added toast which was an extra £2.25 and had fried egg with mine. It was good. I think the price is cray but they always are in an airport. It did the job, it filled me up ready for our journey to Sorrento. I would give this 6/10.


Gill had pancakes with maple syrup, bacon and whipped butter for £7.75. She loved them! They did look good, I haven’t ever tried maybe syrup and bacon before. I don’t like mixing sweet and savoury together. 


We then headed to a few shops and spent a small fortune in duty free. Had a little sit down and then we headed to our gate. We were flying with British Airways and the flight was good. We got a croissant and apple juice for breakfast which we didn’t really eat as we had already eaten. We then tried to get some sleep. You can never sleep properly on a plane, so we kept waking up, have a chat and doze off again. 


We got to Naples! Ciao! We were obviously the last people of the plane as we had the biggest bags! This meant we were last on the coach to the terminal, but first off! Top tip! Stay by the doors! We flew straight through security (well a quick glance at passport check) and to the baggage claim. Cases came out quick, this is always the most nervous bit, I dread that my case won’t come out, or someone tries to steal it and I have to chase them across the airport. 
Next trip, the coach to the Sorrento. They call it a bus ride but it is more of a coach which was a relief. This took about 2 and a bit hours. This was quite nice as we got to see the scenic route and a lot cheaper than a taxi ride. We paid €10 each which is really good price, taxis were quoting over €100. 


The coach stops at Sorrento train station, we then waited for a taxi to take us to our B&B. This was only a few euros as its only a 5 minute drive. Walking it would have taken us hours with the suitcases as its up and down hill. The B&B owner greeted us and gave us a drink and explained, the ins and outs of Sorrento. It was really good, he gave us a map and where is good to go. 


The B&B is really cute, the rooms are clean and the balcony is lovely to chill on. It’s called Sorrento Inn B&B. We stayed in room one. We had our own bathroom which was just outside the room.


We quickly got changed and went off to eat and explore. Following our instructions we managed to walk into the main square called Piazza Tasso. This is only a 10 minute walk from the B&B. There is about 5 restaurants in the main square. We went into one called Bar Syrenuse. I got a diet coke which came in cool can. You get a bread basket to start, we munched all these down. I ordered a spaghetti carbonara. Wow this was good. I was so excited by all the food I didn’t take note of any of the prices. Most of all the meals out didn’t cost more than €20 each including our drinks. 


Gill went for gnocchi. I was jealous. It looked amazing, it was cooked in mozzarella and tomatoe sauce. I am going to make this soon at home and see if I can get it like they do it. I wish I was back there eating all this amazing food now. 


We then went on exploring the town. It’s such a beautiful place. It has lanes coming off the square which all need exploring, one is more high end shops, one is more restaurants and the rest are cute tourist shops. 

We were knackered and it was starting to rain so we headed back. Before we knew it we were asleep. Gill fell asleep on the balcony! We were going out to meet the Wedding gang at a bar called cafe Latino. 


This was really nice, it looked like a garden. We had cocktails and chatted to everyone. We were still tired so had to head off early. We were peckish so we spied a chip shop earlier so headed there. It’s called queens chip shop. 

You pick any sauce you want to top the chips. They had so many options it was rather exciting! They have:

  • Burger – made with gherkins
  • Algerina – intense flavour
  • Marocchina – spicy oriental flavour
  • Andalusa – refined slightly spicy
  • Barbecue – smokey taste
  • Cocktail – whiskey based 
  • Curry Ketchup – slightly sweet and spicy
  • Curry – oriental flavour
  • Hot Sauce – spicy
  • Pitta – yoghurt flavour
  • Samurai – dry and spicy
  • Pepe Nero – Mayo with black pepper
  • Tartara – onion, parsley and other herbs
  • Jammie – Dijon mustard
  • Salsa – sweet sauce
  • Ketchup – normal tomatoe ketchup 
  • Maionese – Mayo
  • Frite sauce – made with mayo and spices

I went for curry and Gill went for curry ketchup. Mine was like a proper curry sauce it was good. I love curry and chips, thanks to Lacey introducing this to me! Gills sauce was a bit like ten curry sauce you get in McDonald’s. Chips and bed!



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