Cricketers x

Me and Matt wanted to go for lunch the other day. Didn’t know where to go. The weather was hit and miss. We decided cricketers, we know we love it and it’s not too far away. Easy. We got there and sat outside, I didn’t bring a cardi and I was freezing! Good old English weather in August, you can’t sit outside midday in a pub garden. We moved inside.

They had a few dishes which I hadn’t seen before so I wanted to try these, they were on the specials menu. I decided to go for the lamb kofta, which I love. Dad has found some amazing spicy ones from Costco and cooks them on the BBQ they are delish! Anyway back to the Cricketers, the lamb kofta is £12.95. You get a large flatbread which the lamb sits on. This also comes with tzatziki, Greek salad and some sweet potatoe fries. This is a big portion which is always good. I switched out the sweet potatoe fries for normal ones.


Matt went for ribs and chicken combo. This came with chips too. I love the ribs in here. The BBQ sauce is just right, and the meat falls off the bone. They are good. I would really recommend these. His lunch was £15.95. It’s a Cajun chicken breast with half a rack of ribs smothered in BBQ sauce. You also get some onion rings, small side of salad, coleslaw and chips. 

We also had some garlic bread to share. We got it to come out the same time as our main. 



2 thoughts on “Cricketers x

    1. Hiya. That’s lovely to hear you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you. Yeh it was something in was going to bring back but do it out of 10. There will be ratings in my next post on Sunday. x


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