Italy Day 4 x

Our last day in Sorrento. The sun was shining so we headed down to the beach decking area. You pay something like €1.50 which gives you access to a lift to go down, and then to come back up.
 The beach area was rather busy. We paid for a sun lounger and they take you to the beds. It was hot. It took us 15 minutes before we decided to get in the sea. They have steps going down to the sea. It was so refreshing.

We went back to the beds got dry and then went for lunch. We hadn’t had pizza yet so we decided to share a pizza and order a selection sharing platter. The pizza was amazing it was fresh and yummy. The sharing platter was all things battered. This was really good, we liked all the bits apart from the battered fish.


Back to sunbathing/sleeping. A few more dips in the sea and it was time to go. 

Before we went back we decided to do one last stop to get some ice cream. I wanted to get something different so I went for mango sorbet and lemon. The lemon was so good. The mango was relay sweet so was quite sickly.


We headed back to the B&B to get ready for our last dinner, we went to the foreigners club. Not before we stopped and took photos like tourist. The little lanes are so pretty at night. 


We knew the food was amazing from last night so I was really excited. Once again we got given some bread and we got a focaccia bread with tomatoes on. This was amazing, it reminded me a breakfast baguette we had in Almeria. 

I went for a mushroom tagliatelle. Yes this was amazing. There was so much of it though I couldn’t eat it all. I did eat loads of the bread to start though. Gill had a mushroom risotto. This was her favourite meal of the whole holiday, it even beat the gnocchi! 


We headed back to our bar for a cocktail. We waited it out in here as we were getting a taxi at 3am so we wanted to chill here, go back grab our stuff and leave or we would more than likely, fall asleep and miss our flight to Corfu.

We were at the airport so early! It was hard to get excited about going to Corfu, we were so sad about leaving Sorrento. We had a hot chocolate and chocolate crossing for breakfast in a bar by the departure gate. The airport seems really modern and clean which was good. They had big spongy sofas by the gate so if you delayed, you could get quite comfy.

We tried to sleep on the flight from Naples to Corfu but no chance, everyone was being so loud. We may have nodded off for a bit. We flew Easyjet so no fancy food or anything. The flight was only about an hour any way. Next stop Corfu!



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