Gnocchi x

The gnocchi me and Gill had in Italy was amazing so I wanted to try and make it. I want to do it from scratch but I didn’t have the time today. I did a cheat version. To be honest it was so quick. It didn’t taste as good as the ones we had in Italy, but theirs would have been home made!
All you need is:

  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Gnocchi 
  • Mozzarella
  • Tomato sauce

Boil the gnocchi in a pan of water with a bit of oil. The oil will help it not to stick. As soon as they start to float to the top they are done!

Slice up the mozzarella so it’s ready to mix into the mix.

When the gnocchi is floating, add in the tomato sauce and mix. Add this all to a oven proof dish and mix in the mozzarella. 



 This then goes in the oven. You need to leave it in as long as the mozzarella takes to melt and go stringy. 

I didn’t leave it in long enough so it was broken up as much as I wanted. This was such a quick and easy meal to make though, it was still really tasty. I think the sauce needs to be a normal tomato sauce. I am looking forward to making my own version of this soon.



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