Italy Day 3 x

Eeeekkk the day of the wedding is here. We had to be at the church for 4pm. The weather was beautiful, and it looked like it was here to stay. We decided to get up and go for a walk towards the church and get a drink in the restaurant around the corner. The sun was out and it was beautiful. We hadn’t really been out in it much so we got a good seat in the sun and had a drink. I went for s freshly squashed orange juice. This was really nice. It was sharp but sweet enough that it was easy to drink. It still had all the pulp in to which was good. Gill went for a lemon juice drink. Well, this was literally that, a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice. She had to add some sugar to make it drinkable. 
We went and stood and admired the view down at the beach. We decided that if the weather was good tomorrow we would head down there to sunbathe and chill.

We had another little walk and found a cute gift shop, so I bought mum, nan and Amanda a few treats. We then walked and found another restaurant called the foreigners club. The menu was huge and Gill had heard good reviews about it. We decided we would have our last dinner there tomorrow night. We enjoyed our first lunch so much, we went back there again for a bite to eat before we went to get ready. Gill got her gnocchi again as she loved it so much the first time. I went for a traditional spaghetti bolognese. They bought out the bread and butter basket again, we were enjoying munching on these. Then then bought out some dough ball type things. These were good. They had a sprinkling of salt on them and they were quiet addictive. The mains came out alongside some focaccia bread. We only wanted a lite lunch as we had our wedding outfits to get into! No complaints though it was all lovely.

We headed back to get ready for the wedding. We were both really excited. Gill has known Lucy for years and I went to school with her. 

The wedding was amazing. Lucy looked absolutely gorgeous. It was lovely. Everyone involved did such an amazing job, everything was perfect. They did the ceremony and then went outside to take photos. 

We all then walked to the evening venue following the wedding planner. We walked into the Foreigners club! The exact same place we had planned to come to tomorrow night. Everything was set out beautifully.

We had 5 courses of food, a starter, a pasta dish, a meat dish, pudding and then wedding cake. The food was delicious. I went for prawn cocktail to start and Gill went for ham and melon. 

As our pasta dish, Gill went for ravioli and I went for lasagna. We had so many options it was hard to pick. Both of these were lovely. My dish was huge! It was more of a main dinner. I was really full up but I carried on. Good job I had a floaty dress on. 

Next was the meat dish, we both went for chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce. I was full up but this was amazing I had to eat it all. 

Next up was pudding. This was strawberries and ice cream in a wafer cup. I don’t normally like strawberry puddings. Shock but I hate all of it. It was so fresh it was a great way to finish the meal! 

We were then privileged to eat some of the wedding cake. This was really good too. We had eaten so much but it was all amazing so worth every single bite. 

They did the speeches and it was really emotional, it’s such an honour to witness two people who clearly love each so much have a lovely day together. Everyone did so well. It was amazing. It was such a good evening. Congratulations again to Mr and Mrs Fisher. 

To end such a lovely evening we headed to our bar to have a drink before going to bed.  



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