Corfu Day 1 x

We made it to Corfu. A quick walk through passport control, no checks so real quick. Grabbed our suitcases and we were done. It was only 10am and it was boiling! I was in jeans. Couldn’t wait to get to Gill’s parents house unpack and start exploring. 
Gills friend, Lauren and her boyfriend picked us up, which was really kind of them. We made a pit stop in Corfu town for a coffee. I went for a cold chocolate. It really hard to explain, but it’s literally a cold version of a hot chocolate, no it’s not chocolate milk. It was nice but a bit sickly for me. 


We had a little walk around old Corfu town. It’s beautiful. If you get the chance to go it’s worth it. Even if it is only for a few hours. We visited the Liston which I obviously took loads of selfies and photos. 

We then jumped back in the car and headed to San Stefanos. I tried to get some photos of the beautiful view of the harbour and sights from the back of the car but didn’t come out as good as I thought. I think I thought I was a professional photography sat in the back seat.


We unpacked and got changed and headed straight for the beach, to meet Gill’s other friend who is also called Lauren. It was really hot. We were both knackered from the flight so it was easy to decide to go for lunch. We had an amazing Caesar salad. This was a perfect pick me up. We also shared some pitta bread and tzatziki. 

 Back to sunbathing and a quick dip in the sea. We went back to the house to get ready for dinner. 

Whilst looking at the menu in Zorbas it came to my attention I was only here for 4 days! How was I going to try all this amazing food. It was a sad time. I decided on a beef dish which comes in a red wine garlic sauce. It comes with roast potatoes and carrots. This was amazing!!! 

Gill went for a chicken dish which is her favourite one and gets this every time she goes in here. This looked really nice too.

The food in here is obviously all cooked fresh, it was lovely. If I was here more than 4 days I would have chosen to go back to that restaurant, they also do some Greek dancing. They set fire to the floor, and dance around it. The owner then comes out and sets a table on fire and lifts it up with his mouth, it is all really cleaver and well put together. 



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