Corfu Day 2 x

We woke up late today. We had such a long day yesterday we deserved a lazy morning. I think I hit snooze on my alarm 10 times. It was nice to just chill. We weren’t in a rush to go any where. 


We got dressed and headed to a beach in Sidari. We wanted to try and do different things every day. We went straight for lunch. We had such a lovely view. Straight out to sea.   
We decided to get a mixture of things and share, tapas style. We had oven cooked feta, baked peppers, pita, tazaiki, mushrooms in a tomatoe sauce. These were really good. I love getting a different selection of things and trying it all. It was good we didn’t feel over full at the end which was nice. 


We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling and chatting. We managed to take a dip in the stand went out to a rock and chilled on there, posing for photos. We wanted to swim round to the caves but it was so windy, it seemed a silly thing to try and do. Try again tomorrow.

We headed back to the house to get ready for dinner. This was the dinner I had been looking forward to go here the most. Beachcomber here we come! We went here a few years back for Helen’s hen do and it was my favourite. I was super excited to wear my new Zara playsuit too! 

They serve bread to the table, they serve it with garlic butter. This is so good! It was a shame it was so windy as they had to bring all tables and chairs in doors. 

I had beef stroganoff. I love this. It’s so creamy and just yummy. I tried to eat it slowly so I could really enjoy it. It’s my favourite meal of the holiday i think. 

Gill went for chicken stir fry. This looked really good too. She enjoyed it, and tried to eat slowly too! We wanted to enjoy every single bit.

We then headed into town to meet Lauren at work in Palazzo bar. They made us special cocktails. I had a cherry mojito! It was so good. Nice and refreshing and juicy. Really nice!

We all then headed to another cocktail bar which is right on the beach, called Mojitos. It was still windy so was a bit cold, so they gave us some blankets. It was really nice sitting chatting to girls and drinking amazing cocktails. 


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