Corfu Day 3 x

The days were going so quick. Already on day 3 out of 4! We woke up and headed back to the beach in Sidari so we could try and do the cave again. 
It was too windy and wavy so too dangerous to swim out to them. So we decided on lunch instead. We only wanted a little lunch as we were going to go to the Chinese early before Lauren started work. I went for a jacket potatoe with cheese, bacon and sour cream. It was yummy! We decided to share some nachos topped with cheese and chicken too. They have a swing which we all posed on. It is actually pretty comfy. It’s quite relaxing swinging on it, looking out to sea.

They had the cutest white little dog too. He is tied to a post but he can wonder round quite far. He was so cute! I had to have cuddles before we went back to the sun beds.

It was change over day, so the pool was really quiet. We basically had the whole pool to our selves! We decided to enjoy our Friday afternoon and get cocktails. These were good!! This did make me sleepy though, had a little cat nap. It was then time to get ready and go for dinner!


Wow. The food is amazing in here. It had just opened so it was us and another table in there. Once again we got a section of things to share. We had everything, prawn crackers, soup, noodles, rice and two chicken dishes. 

We then paid and got our future cookies. Mine read “courtesy is cumbersome to them that know it not” I didn’t have a clue what this meant. 


Lauren went off to work, me and Gill headed to a sunset bar. Yes more cocktails. I had a kiwi mojito, this was amazing, I’ve never had a kiwi one before. We had some more photos whilst the sunset and enjoyed our cocktails. It was still windy so got cold as soon as the sun went in.

We headed back to the house to get ready. We didn’t plan to have a late one. We went to Lauren’s bar for a cocktail. Cherry mojito again! 

We then went to a karaoke bar. Wow this place was crazy. People were really letting their hair down let’s say. One more cocktail and it was time for bed!


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