Corfu Day 4 x

My last day in Corfu. Once again I had an early morning flight home to Gatwick. To make the most of my last day, we decided to stay up and go into Corfu town for dinner and then go straight to the airport. 
We got up and decided to do our little jobs. We went to collect Gill’s bike from a hotel, went to the supermarket to stock up on things for the house. It was then time for lunch. It was still really windy! 

We went to a lovely little village called Arillas. We were hungry so had lunch first. I had an omelette with cheese, onion and mushroom, with a side of salad. This was good. I hate it when the egg is still a bit runny, but this was really good. 

We shared a feta pastry. Wow. This was amazing. I was a bit reserved about this. It’s a sweet pastry filled with baked feta, topped with honey and walnuts. It’s amazing! I am going to try and make this at home. The salt rom the feta works so well. It’s amazing!

Gill had a Caesar salad which looked amazing too. To be honest I think I should just move to another European country for a month and just try out all different types of food. That would be an amazing job right? 

We then headed to the beach. We bought our own sun loungers so we didn’t have to pay. It was so windy still! We managed to stick it out for a few hours before heading back.

 We stopped off at an amazing bar right near Gill’s house. She had an ice coffee and I had a lemon ice tea. We sat and chilled enjoyed the peacefulness, and the chocolate cake they served with our drinks! 

We then went a did some poses on the roof! We tried to do the photos where you appear in it more than once, but it was so windy it was hard holding the camera still!

Back to the house to pack. This is always such a sad event. I had to leave stuff out as my case was over on the weight allowance. Hopefully Gill will bring it home for me! We got dressed ready to head to Corfu town for dinner. 

We had crepes and chips! You can basically pick whatever you want to go inside the crepe, sweet or savoury. Same for the chips, they have loads of toppings to choose from. I went for, spinach, chicken and mushroom in my crepe. Then on my chips I had bolognese, cheese sauce and cheese. These both we so good. A good treat to see me off to the airport.

The girlies dropped me at the airport then headed back to town to dance the night away, while I sat in the airport!! Hardly seems fair. 

I flew back to Gatwick with Norwegian airlines. They were really good! I had extra leg room, a blanket, wifi. What more could you want for a short haul flight. I sat and blogged and took photos the whole way home. 

Gill then messaged me just as we were about to come into England to say she had just got home from Corfu town! She was home in time to see the sun rise. I would love to go back to Italy and Corfu and its sad to end these adventure blogs. The food has been amazing and both places were beautiful. 


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