It’s time for our work Christmas party. We have to do them in January as the shop has late night shopping through December, so normally makes sense to do it in January.   
We get vouchers from head office, so we are limited to choices. This year we decided on Zizi. They offered us a set menu, which was a good price, but wasn’t a great selection of choices, so we went and ordered from the main menu. 

There was over 15 of us, so I couldn’t take photos of everything so I only managed to get a few photos of the food around me. 

To start, me, Kirch and Becca shared cheesy garlic bread. This comes with caramelised balsamic onions on top. I wasn’t sure of the onions but everyone was raving about this starter. It was nice. The onions did add an extra something to it. We got 6 sections, so it’s great as a sharing starter. However some of the bread doesn’t get topped with cheese, so you just get a toasted bit of bread. So if your sharing someone will be left with these bits. I would give this dish 7/10.

Nathan went for the bruschetta. When this came out I was so jealous. It looked so good. You can pay extra and get some mozzarella with it too. It’s toasted bread topped with garlic and tomatoes, with cheese, garlic oil and basil. This is a good portion size too. 

Kirch and Becca went for a salad for their main, it was called chicken and prosciutto salad. This looked really tasty when they bought it out. You get chicken, prosciutto, avocados, onion, tomatoe, croutons, spinach, rocket and then dressed with an alioli sauce. They both really liked this dish, they did say that the prosciutto was really tough and salty so they found it hard/impossible to eat it. 

I went for a lasagne. I love home made lasagne so I was hoping for a good one, being in an Italian restaurant. They didn’t let me down. It came out absolutely boiling. It is a small portion, but it meant I had room for pudding then. I would give this 8/10.

Nadeem went for a pizza. He did a create your own type. He had a rustic base which means it’s stretched out further than a normal base, so more crispy. He got a classic margherita and added roasted peppers to the top. This looked good. 

Not many people got a pudding. I think they were all full up by this point, or would rather spend their vouchers on wine than pudding! 

I went for some lemon sorbet. I love sorbet. I think it’s so refreshing after a meal. You get three big scoops. In this sorbet they have the bits of lemon in it, which I like but I know some people don’t. I would give this 9/10. 

Most of the table went for the new special, sticky salted caramel pudding. This is a caramel pudding served with crushed honeycomb, a caramel sauce and white chocolate and caramel ice cream. How decadent does that sound. They loved it. You can pour the sauce straight onto the pudding. It does get served hot, so they kept nibbling on the ice cream to cool their mouths down.

Overall the experience was okay. The staff were really good, and joined in with jokes along the table which was nice. We did have a few problems with food not coming out, the wrong dishes a few times. This would probably put me off going there again in a big group. I’m not sure why things come out wrong when they write things down? It’s frustrating when everyone has their dinner and one person sent theirs back as it was wrong, and they forgot to make someone else’s. I would give this 6/10 taking the whole thing in to consideration. 



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