Royal Oak 

It was that time of the year, where the Bisley girls met up for a catch up. We have said we are going to meet up more often, so you could hear more from us.

We met up at the Royal Oak in Pirbright. It such a lovely little pub. The food was really good too. I 100% will go back there.

We went straight to mains so we could have a pudding. It’s all about the forward thinking.

Harriet went for the burger. This is £9.49. You get a decent size burger filled with salad, with a huge portion of fries and some coleslaw. This looked really good. If I went back, I would probably try this.


Emily went for the slow cooked lamb shank. This was £11.99. This comes served on a portion of mash potatoes, gravy and seasonal vegetables. This looked really good too. If you don’t mind, eating meat off the bone this would be a good choice. Writing all this again is making me hungry!

Amanda went for the rib combo. This is £14.99, which includes a piece of steak, or £12.49, which includes a piece of chicken breast. She went for the chicken option. This came with some seasonal vegetables, chips and coleslaw. I love ribs smothered in BBQ sauce like the ones from the Cricketers. These seemed to be a bit on the dry side. Amanda really liked them though so it just depends what your preference is.


I went for a pie. It was £10.99. It was British beef and ale pie. Wow, this was good. It was so rich tasty. It comes with mash potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a huge pot of gravy. Obviously, I smothered the vegetables and pie in gravy. The pie oozed out its own gravy too. If I were to play safe, I would get this again if I go back. I would give this 10/10. There isn’t anything I would change about this dish.


All the portions are big too. It seems to be all homemade classics, which is why I love British pub grub. On to the puddings.

Harriet and Amanda went for the triple chocolate brownie. This was £4.99. This looked tasty. If you were into chocolate, I would get this one. This is served warm with a scoop of ice cream on top. Looked really good. I tried a sneaky bit of Amanda’s and it was good.


Emily went for the chocolate brownie flowerpot. This was £4.99. This is served in a little flowerpot, which is cute. It’s a chocolate brownie, chocolate moose and editable chocolate soil. Served with ice cream and chocolate sauce. This looked good the portion is small compared to the other puddings we got, but it looked good.


I went for the apple and blackberry crumble. This was £4.49. It comes served with warm custard. I am not really a pudding person, but I love warm puddings. Anything that can be served with custard is what I need. I have made my own crumble here. This was really nice, it wasn’t too sweet, it was naturally sweet which was good. I don’t think you can really go wrong with a crumble. I would rate this 8/10. I wouldn’t rush to get it again, but there wasn’t anything wrong with it either.



I would love to go back here and try out a few other items. Amanda did ask for a side of halloumi with her dinner and the server thought she was strange and said no. They do serve it, and she would have paid for it so that was a bit strange. You go up to the bar to order so you pay for everything as you order which I think is great, you don’t have to wait around for ages for someone to bring the bill out.




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