Coast To Coast

We went to do some Christmas shopping in Portsmouth. It turned out to be a nice warm winter day with the sun shining. We headed in to Coast to Coast for some lunch. It wasn’t busy either which was good. Amanda, mum and dad had, had a big breakfast so they only wanted a snack.


Mum went for the blue cheese chicken tenders, these are £6.55 You get three bits of chicken on a bed of salad and dressed with blue cheese sauce and a side of dip too. She said these were really good. For nearly £7 I think they are a bit expensive to only get three bits of chicken.


Matt got the same but the plain version. He ordered from the lunch menu so he had a smaller version with two bits of chicken on some salad.


For his main he went for a cheese burger. He said this was really good. He was craving it a few days later. Shame we live too far away to pop in to get another burger.


Dad went for a classic burger which is £11.75 this is literally bun, burger bun. As plain as you can get it. He really liked it too. I had a burger before when I was here and loved it. I personally don’t think they are as good as the burgers from GBK, Byron or five guys but that’s just my opinion.


I ordered a lasagne which was £10.25. I was really looking forward to this. I love freshly made lasagnes, they are so tasty and a real comfort food. Check out my lasagne I had in Italy here. This one here wasn’t great. I would only give this 5/10. It only scored so high as it came with garlic bread. You get a good portion but it tasted like a microwave dinner. It didn’t really have much taste to it. Just was really bland and quite chewy.


Amanda got some garlic pizza bread, similar to the ones you get in Frankie and Bennys. It was £4.95. I really liked this. I was allowed a piece to dip in my lasagne. I would give this 8/10.


To start I got some battered mushrooms which were £4.95. They come with a garlic butter dip. These were nice. They were on the tad oily side but didn’t stop me eating them. I would give this 7/10.


We spent a total of £57.60 which also included 4 drinks. Some of the food was part of a selected lunch menu.


We then walked off our lunch by walking round the shops. The shops are outlets so normally about 40% off the normal retail price. Word of warning, when going here around Christmas try and go early if you are driving, to avoid the traffic.







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