Italy day 2 x

I think it rained all night. This was so disappointing to wake up to rain. We both hoped it cleared up before the wedding the next day. We had to go out and explore so we went to a supermarket and bought an umbrella each. We looked round some of the shops and found a really cute beach bag which was soft matt plastic with white ropes for straps. The shops were really interesting. We could have spend ages going in and out of the shops, mainly to avoid the rain!

We decided to go and eat. There is so many places to choose from. We walked past a restursnt that caught our eye. It’s called Ristorante Parrucchiano Favorita. It’s such a beauty place to see. It’s like a big green house full of trees. You can also sit outside too. We decided to stay in the inside bit. It’s huge too. Would be lovely to have a wedding here. 



Once again they served up some bread to start. I went for the gnocchi as Gill’s looked so good yesterday. I wasn’t disappointed, it’s the way the cheese goes gooey and stringy. It’s really good. 


Gill went for cannelloni. When it came out it looked like a small portion. She said once she finished it was perfect she was nice and full up. 


We then went exploring to find the church where Mark and Lucy were getting married so we wouldn’t get lost tomorrow. Along the way we found the way to the beach and Gill even made friends with a seagull!
We got cold so we stopped in a restaurant in the square for a hot chocolate and a break from walking. It was a good little break.









The sun starting to appear so we headed out again. We decided to go on the bus tour. It’s a mini train which goes down to the beach and back up. You get given headphones you can you hear commentary on the journey. I love doing things like this and hearing about Sorrento. It was really good, pleased we got a chance to do it.

It was time for another drink. We headed to a bar called Fauno which is also a nightclub. This turned out to be our go to bar to people watch as it was right in try square so we could see the world pass by.
Next stop, ice cream. This place was packed! Every time we walked past it was full with people. We had to google it and it turns out it is pretty famous in Sorrento and lots of celebrities go here. The ice cream flavours to choose from is wild. Pick a flavour and they most likely stock it. I went for ferrero Rocher two scoops! This was so good. It had the biscuits bits in too which had gone a bit soggy but they were really good. We ate this and walked back up to the B&B.


We got all dressed up for dinner and headed back out to the main square. 


We headed back to Cafe Latino where we all were last night. It was fairly quiet tonight which was good as it meant her food was really quick. We had bread and oil again to start. 


All we ate this break was carbs, but it was all worth it. I had a hard decision here, I found it so hard to pick. We both wanted to have different things every meal so we could try everything. I decided on lasagna in the end. I was so glad I did. It was lovely. It was all freshly made and was just really tasty. 

Gill went for ravioli with pesto and walnuts. This looked really good. Gill really enjoyed it. I would try and make this but I have a feeling this would be really hard to make. 


We went back to our favourite bar for evening cocktails. On the way we got stopped by some Italian guys, we started chatting and they suggested we try a bar up the road. They very kindly took us there. We sat chatting for a while until they had to go back to Pompeii for a midnight pizza snack, not before we all got a selfie.


We then went on to our favourite bar. It’s so peaceful watching everyone. Laughing at the guys trying to pick up girls who are clearly not interested. A few drinks and then it was time to walk up the hill to bed.




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