During my days off over December, I want to go and feel Christmassy. Working in retail means you don’t get much time off over Christmas, so I like to make the most of the time off I get. We all decided to go to Reading.

If you haven’t been there before, there is a large shopping centre called The Oracle. Outside the centre is a river and lots of restaurants. For Christmas they set up a cabin log type bar. They serve, mulled wine, beer, hot chocolate and other Christmassy treats. 
 We sat here and hot some warm cider, mulled wine and hot chocolate. Instantly got me in the Christmas spirits.


We then had a wonder around the shops. Found lots of festive displays.


It was lunch time so we headed to TGI for some lunch. It was really nice in there. Its quite a small space but the staff were really good. The aircon was on so we were all freezing sat in there! I didn’t do a proper review on this as I have done a review on TGI before.


I got the steak. Which was really good! Didn’t let me down. Matt got a cheese burger. It was a bit too cheesey for him. Remember he has everything plain normally. I love the cheese burgers here. Amanda had a plain burger. Dad had JD chicken strippers with some chips. Mum got a salad with some sweet potatoe fries.


As if this wasn’t enough. We stopped off for a Costa treat on the way home!




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