The Inn At Maybury

As you know by now, I love eating out. This has also now rubbed off onto Matt so every time we get a day off together, we try and go out for a bite to eat. This time we ended up in The Inn At Maybury. I hadn’t been here before but heard great things about it. My friend Becca Kirchem often shares great photos of their Sunday lunch here. I thought it was going to be really busy but it was dead. I think there was just two other tables in use.


 To start we shared some bread and oil. This is £5.25 and you get a selection of toasted bread, some garlic butter, oil and some olives. These olives reminded me of the ones me and Gill had in Italy. Check out our adventures to Italy here. This was okay. You can’t really go wrong with bread and oil, I would rate this 8/10.


We decided to go for another sharing platter, because you know, sharing is caring. I love getting to try all different things. We went for one called the sticky platter, which is £17.50. You get some lamb koftas, chicken skewers, bbq ribs and some flatbreads with tzatziki dip. I would give this dish 7/10. It was okay, it wasn’t anything special. I have had better ribs and lamb koftas elsewhere.


We also ordered some chips to go alongside this. I ordered the aioli chips, these were £3. These didn’t actually come with aioli which was strange. Matt got the chunky chips which were £3.50. Out of them both I preferred the thinner ones which was the aioli ones.


Overall we spent £34.05 which I thought was quite expensive. The food as okay, it didn’t scream out amazing. I think I would like to come back here and try their Sunday Lunch after Christmas.




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