Pennyhill Park

If you want a luxury spa day. This is the place to go, Pennyhill Park. Me and Matt decided to go here to have a look round and have a breakfast.


  I love hotel breakfasts, that’s the best bit about staying overnight. It is £21 per person for the cooked breakfast. This is rather pricey for breakfast, and you might scream in horror at that price. The food and the selection was amazing though.

It is a buffet type breakfast. You can then order omelettes and fried eggs. You can also order more options from a menu, these are not included in the price.


I went for fried egg, hash brown, sausage, bacon, beans and a piece of toast. You can toast your own bread so you can have it cooked just how you want. I also got a cup of tea and glass of orange juice.


Matt went for his usual breakfast, some toast and sausages. He doesn’t really like cooked breakfasts so that’s his own version, with a side of ketchup.


I then had some fresh fruit. I love fruit salad. I had some orange, grapefruit, pineapple and apple.


Matt then went for some pine apple and vanilla yoghurt.


To finish it off I got a chocolate croissant.


The food here is really nice. I would go here for a special occasion, for someone birthday or anniversary. The building is stunning and reminded me of Harry Potter. They do a Sunday lunch buffet. This is on my list to try. I tried to book this for my birthday but they get booked up pretty quick!




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