Jack Daniels sauce x

After Matt banged on about his favourite starter in TGI, I decided to make it again for him. He will probably read this and see the ingredients and decide he doesn’t like it any more. It’s a strange mixture of things:

  • Onions
  • Brown sugar
  • Jack Daniels
  • Water 
  • Lemon juice 
  • Soya sauce
  • Pineapple 
  • Teriyaki

I used cups to measure things out, using this way, I did make quite a lot. Matt, mum and dad managed to have some and we had left over. 

I put half a cup of water, 2 cups of brown sugar, 3/4 cup of teriyaki and 1/4 cup of soya sauce. Slowly bought them to the boil. 

Mashed in 1/4 cup of pineapple. I bought pre-cut slices and used a hand mixer to blend them up. Added these once the mixture has boiled. 

Did the same for the onion, mushed up in tiny so Matt wouldn’t even know! Added 1/4 cup of Jack Daniels and a squirt of lemon juice. 


Now all the ingredients are simmering away. You just leave it, you want it to be a sticky sauce. Once again I was too impatient and decided it was ready too soon. It tastes the same, but not as thick as the one they serve in TGI. Obviously this isn’t their recipe, it’s an alternative. 
Like TGI I served the sauce, with chicken and chips. Dad and Matt had the same. Me and mum went for steak and vegetables and peppercorn sauce! 

I found the same soya sauce they use in Wagamamas, which Amanda loves! I think next time I may use this and make a noodle inspired dish! 


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