Chiquitos x

Me and Lacey wanted to go out for dinner. It was an easy choice tonight. Lacey absolutely loves Chiquito and I really liked it to so we headed there. Our nearest one is in Camberley in the Atrium.

As always we dived straight in and went for a starter. We decided to share two. We had Halloumi Skewer, these were £5.95. This is grilled halloumi with onions and peppers. It gets served with a cranberry sauce. I didn’t like the cranberry sauce, way to sweet for me especially to dip cheese into. You only get one skewer for this price which it think is pretty steep, but you do get three big bits of halloumi. I would give this dish 6/10. I have had better halloumi dishes elsewhere.


We also got some nachos to share. These are £10.95, this is a big portion which is good, and it’s a sharing platter for made for two. You get a big dollop of sour cream which I think makes the nachos! I would give this 8/10. You get a good amount of cheese to nachos. Also its melted cheese and cheese sauce which adds something different to them too.


Lacey went for the chicken and ribs combo for her main. This is £16.25. You get a ¼ rack of ribs and chicken breast, chips, corn on the cob, onion rings and my favourite coleslaw. As you can see from the photos they serve it on a huge white plate, but the plate doesn’t look full. It looks rather disappointing, but when you think about it the amount of food there, it is rather a lot. I think they should serve the food on smaller plates. She loves this meal, she gets it every single time we go. She also was there a few days ago with her work girls and had the same dish! I think she would give this 10/10!!

I had their street style burrito with chicken. This is £10.95. Obviously I had to test the chips too for this blog, so I ordered a side of fries. Theses we an extra £3.75. In the wrap you get rice, cheese, refried beans and lettuce. You then get to choose from the following veggie bean salad, beef chili, spicy chicken, BBQ pulled pork or mushrooms. This was really nice. It was the perfect size and was really tasty. I was being greedy by ordering a side of fries with it. The wrap gets served on a plate of nachos which you can dip in the sauces that come with it too. I would give this 8/10.


No puddings for us, we were really full up. We were wondering back out, past the lizard at the front, you HAVE to stroke his head to bring you luck.

IMG_9160 IMG_9159

Then we realised we could pop up stairs to the Vue cinema to get an ice blast!! The best thing ever! I got all three flavours, raspberry, cherry and kiwi, a good way to finish the night. A cup full of sugar!!



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