Frankie And Bennys x

Me and Lacey were long overdue on a catch up. When unsure what to do, you head out for food. We didn’t know where to go so we headed to Camberley where we could pick from a selection of restaurants. Lacey picked Frankie and Benny’s as she fancied a certain starter.

The restaurant seemed rather busy when we got there, we luckily only had to wait a few minutes for a table. We were taken to the seating area upstairs. This was good as we could eat, chat and people watch!

As normal I didn’t know what I wanted. I tried to have a light lunch so I was hungry in case we went out for dinner. Lacey had done the same so we were starving. I wanted everything on the menu! They had lots of new things on the menu so there was a lot to choose from. In the end we decided to get the Benny’s sticky bucket to start. This is £17.95. You get ribs, chicken wings, chicken strips, pineapple slices and some bbq cheese chips, onion rings, corn on the cobs and some celery sticks. WOW! This is a big starter, you get 4 bits of everything so would be great between four people. For us two it was a lot of food just for a starter. We should have ordered this and just another side. Eyes were bigger than our bellies. It was good though. Lacey’s favourite bit was the chips in the middle. I really liked the chicken strips. I would give this 8/10. Its great value, if four of you get this its only £4.50 each and you get a little bit of everything. It only comes with a bbq sauce and bleu cheese sauce, it would have been nice with a sour cream dip. I am sure if you asked for some they could bring you some out.

IMG_9330 IMG_9331 IMG_9329

For my main I went for the chicken and mushroom penne. I was tempted to get a burger but I saw someone else eating pasta so I changed my mind! This was £10.95. It was okay, it wasn’t anything special. I would give this 5/10. I wouldn’t get this again I don’t think.


Lacey went for New Jersey Chicken. This was £14.95. This was a chicken breast with bacon and pulled pork, topped with bbq and cheese sauce. It comes with onion rings, chips, corn on the cob and coleslaw. Lacey really enjoyed this. She was really full up to and couldn’t finish hers either.


We also ordered some sides (of course we did) to come out with our dinner. We got the garlic bread, which is £4.75. This is really good. I love all types of garlic bread! We also got some zucchini fritters, they were £4.25 for a bowl full. These were really nice too.

IMG_9333 IMG_9334

Sometimes I really like Frankie and Benny’s, today I really liked the starter but the main was average. It’s never a restaurant a want to rush back to though. The whole dinner including our drinks came to £61.70. I would go back to have the starter again and try a different main.


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