Kingfisher on the Quay x

Amanda had been raving on about this restaurant for ages so I thought I needed to go here to blog! It was an early birthday meal for me and a late birthday meal for Amanda. The Kingfisher on the Quay is off a main road and it looks like you are driving the wrong way, then all of a sudden the road open up, and you then see the restaurant sat next to the lake.

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They do water sports on the lake, it was a rather cold day but groups were still out there in their canoes and enjoying the water sports! I would do this in the summer but no chance in the winter months.

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The wait to get a table was estimated between 20-40 minutes. They gave us a table to sit at while we waited. They gave us menus to look over too. I think we only waited around 15 minutes before they seated us.

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We got seated in a corner opposite one of their many bars. We got a view of the lake outside which was really nice. It was a bench table so there was two stools and a bench the other side. I get really uncomfortable on stools, I think it’s because I have short legs and I never have anything for my feet to rest on!

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Me and Amanda ordered a glass of prosecco each as we were celebrating our birthdays. We ordered a special rose prosecco but they bought out the normal one. We drank them both anyway, obviously.

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Dad went for soup of the day which was pea and mint. This was £4.95. It came with croutons. Dad said he would only give this soup 5/10. He said it was rather plain tasting and was really thick.


Amanda and Mum both went for the grilled halloumi. This is Amanda’s new favourite thing. I think she would eat it every single day if she could! This came served with a rocket salad. This is £5.55 for one portion. I think this is quite expensive for what you get, you only get a small portion and a few salad leafs. I think it’s more of a snacking dish. I wasn’t the one eating it though, Amanda and Mum gave this 10/10. They said it was cooked to perfection.

IMG_9701 IMG_9700

I went for crispy fried squid. This was £6.95. This came with mango slices and spring onions. It was really nice. It wasn’t too spicy either which was nice, I think the mango slices cooled it down. I did cover it all in lime juice too. You get a decent size portion for the price too. I would give this dish 8/10. I just prefer more squid rings than the chunks as you get quite a lot of batter on the chunky bits, and they tend to get over cooked and get a bit burnt.



Dad went for a classic fish and chips. This was £10.95. It comes with a portion of mushy peas and tartar sauce. I love mushy peas, but I need to cover them in vinegar. Dad gave this 7/10, he said it was nice, but it wasn’t anything special.


Amanda went for the chicken roast dinner, this was on the special menu for a Sunday. This costs £11.95. It was meant to come with endless supplies of gravy. The waiter didn’t come back to see if she wanted anymore so she found the chicken was rather dry and didn’t really enjoy the meal. When the waiter came round, she asked for some more which he bought back really quickly. She said this made it so much better. She rated this 8/10. It did look really good. I would be tempted to get this if we went back here on a Sunday. I really look forward to roast dinners on a Sunday now. Does anyone have any good recommendations on where to get a real good roast?

IMG_9712 IMG_9710

Mum had a chicken and bacon salad. This was £10.95. This comes with avocado, red peppers, tomatoes, cheese, boiled egg and creamy house dressing. I never think about getting salads when I go out for dinner, but this looked really nice. Mum gave this 10/10. She said it was really good, and there wouldn’t be anything she would change.


I went for mushroom and pepper stroganoff. I love beef stroganoff, it’s one of my favourite meals. The best one I have ever had was a few years ago in Corfu for my friends Helen’s hen doo. This cost £9.95. This was also on the special menu of the day, which the chef recommends. This came with a big portion of rice. I gave this 8/10. It was really nice. I prefer stroganoff which is more of a creamy mushroom sauce compared to a tomato sauce.


Overall I think we all really enjoyed our lunch. The restaurant is really nice and lots of tables. I think you should book a table if you wanted to go on a weekend as it seems to get really busy. I can imagine in the summer it gets extremely busy, especially outside. The service was really slow, I think because it was busy. The waiter was really friendly and polite but seemed to be rushed. Nobody came over to check if the food was okay, or to ask if we needed more drinks. We had to call him over when we wanted anything. I hate doing this. I feel so awkward calling people over. This wouldn’t put me off going again. It was really good. Looking forward to go back here and try a yummy roast dinner!

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3 thoughts on “Kingfisher on the Quay x

  1. Oooh that halloumi (no, not helium, Autocorrect!) looks amazing. I’ve had it only once before but it was only mediocre! BTW, I just discovered your blog and absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing such awesome recipes – I can’t wait to try them out!

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      1. Oh, I totally agree! That’s like fritters or flatbreads for me. They are incredible at restaurants but my homemade version turns out pathetic. 😛 I hope you share some recipes soon once the technique is mastered!

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