The Nags Head x

Me and Matt shared a day off together so we thought we would head out for lunch. We didn’t want to go too far out so we decided on The Nags Head. It’s a pub/restaurant. It used to be called the Hunters Lodge but has recently been taken over by new management. It’s had a huge makeover inside too, it’s more fresh and open inside now and I thought it looked great.
We booked a table for 1pm. For some reason (I think I knew I was on a day off so wanted a secret lie in) I over slept and didn’t wake up till gone 11am. I had some blog updates to do then get ready. I didn’t have long to ponder over an outfit, it was more of a grab what’s nearest kinda outfits. 

I went for a red cut out top from Topshop. The sun was shining so the red was my way of being summery. My favourite ripped jeans from Asos. Trusty black flip flops from Primark, and a three chain necklace from Primark. 

The menu has changed and seems very fancy. It was the lunch menu but there was a lot to choose from. We decided not to have a starter and just go straight in to the main. When they bring the drinks over they bring some crisps/vegetables over in a small bowl. Matt didn’t fancy any so I picked at these until our lunches came.

I went for the cheese burger. I hadn’t had one in ages so thought this would be a good treat. It was £9.95 and it comes with some chips and a portion of salsa type dip. 

Matt got chunky chips with his so we did a switch. These were crisp on the outside but still fluffy on the inside. The burger comes with, honey mustard sauce, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pickles. The burger comes out cooked well, but I would have preferred to have it s bit more well done. They don’t ask you a preference you are ordering so if you want it different make sure to ask. The meal was really good, because I got chunky chips (switched with Matt) you don’t get a large portion of these. They suited me fine, but I did munch the crips bowl waiting for my lunch. If you were really hungry, you might want to order another portion or a side of something. I would give this meal 3/5. 

Matt ordered steak. This was £19.95. I thought this was rather expensive and hoped it would be a nice bit of meat. The waitress checked how he wanted it cooked too. He ordered a portion of peppercorn sauce which was £1.50. Wow when this came out I was jealous I didn’t order this. The steak looked really good. When he had my chips in the plate it looked a really good meal! The peppercorn sauce was a little on the runny side, that’s just personal preference as I prefer mine more creamy and thick. On top of the steak he had abate red bits of onion. He hates onion and normally only eats the batter of onion rings. He did actually eat all of these! So they must have been good! This would get 5/5. He now wants to go back because of this meal. It’s pricey but because of the quality of the steak I think it is worth it.

I think next time we will try dinner time as its a different menu. Hopefully on my next day off its sunny so we can go and chill in the beer garden and maybe have a sneaky pudding! 


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