Thai Terrace x

It was Shakila’s birthday so she organised a girlie dinner and drinks to Thai Terrace in Guildford. I have never been before but heard amazing feedback about it. Check out the comments on trip advisor. It’s basically on a top level of a carpark, yes this does sound strange I know. The restaurant is beautiful. It has amazing views over Guildford. It has a huge terrace and a bar so you could come here for drinks.



I have never eaten Thai before so I was relying on Steph to talk me through it. Once I started looking at the menu, there was loads to choose from, did I want a noodle dish, sizzling beef, vegetable dish, pork or chicken. Click here to see the menu.

We all decided to go for a starter, I was torn between the calamari, prawns or chicken skewers. Steph was going for the skewers, so I was forced into having them, I would have been so cross, if I went for the prawns and hers came out and looked amazing. Yes I have a serious condition of food jealously. The dish is called Satay Gai and costs £7.60. You get 4 skewers of grilled chicken and a pot of peanut sauce. These were really good I would give this 10/10. There is nothing I would want to change with the dish.


For the mains I went for another chicken dish. It’s called Massamun Kai. It was £10.80. It’s a chicken curry with peanuts, pineapple and potatoes. It looks like a chicken korma, but has the fresh fruitiness of a chicken tikka masala. This was really good. It’s not spicy either which is good. You can ask how spicy you want your dish here too. I would request a low spice even if they don’t ask, just in case. I would give this dish 10/10. It was lovely. I thought about asking for no pineapple, but I am glad I didn’t. I think the potatoes fills you up and the pineapple adds a zing to it. It was really good.


We also got some noodles and rice to share with this dish.


If I went again I would share with someone and have half and half. This way you get to taste more dishes. I really want to go back here. The cocktails were really nice too!




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